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Dr. Hariswami Das

M.Sc. (Bot), B.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D

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    Hariswami Das
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    My Vision

    Science lessons become difficult and dull for students if there is no innovative way. As teachers we have to find out how to make a subject easier for the students. So we have to come to the students with new ideas. With chalk and talk, science is not only taught in the elementary education system. The subject becomes annoying to the students. Fear of the subject is created and gaps remain in the formation of ideas. We have to be much more lively and meaningful for students to swim in the sea of life sciences. That is why I try to keep myself up to date and think up to date thinking for students. As such, I currently developed a variety of tools and apps for my students. I keep doing research on how to teach students in an easy way. Students can submit project assignments etc. in one of my apps. Besides, I have a page on Facebook called Search Life Science.

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    Search Life Science explains the science in easy and different way and makes it more interesting.

    Innovative Teaching Ideas

             A good teacher makes everything easy and beautiful for his or her students. A teacher’s primary focus is to make the learning procedure interesting and funny so that students can grab the difficult concepts easily. 

          Here I share some strategies to make our learning procedure fascinating and more and more engaging for the students.

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    "Sir, You are the source of inspiration to us. We're very much grateful to have you as a mentor in our life. You're not only a teacher but also wings of hope and inspiration to fly in boundless sky of creation."
    Somnath Poddar
    Somnath Poddar
    "We spend Eight years to your Canopy. We always get you beside us as a good advisor and mentor."
    Mrinmoy Ghosh
    Mrinmoy Ghosh
    "Thank You Sir for helping and guiding us in every step of our life. Having you as a teacher is the best gift in my school journey."
    Nabiul Alam
    Nabiul Alam