Innovative Teaching Ideas​

21. Field Visit to Study Biodiversity

     I take students outdoors to show them the plants and animals in the environment in which they live and to read about them. Their students discover a lot. They can see, touch and know the things, and recorded various information in the notebook. They learn to understand the identifying properties of plants. They can see the epicalyx of Hibiscus flower in hand. We have created a rooftop garden in our School. There are vegetable gardens, herbal gardens, and flower gardens also. The name of the garden is Charak Udyan. The students learn to identify medicinal plants in the Medicinal plants garden and the characteristics they record in the ledger. This work they usually do in groups. While doing this they also collect the leaves of the plants. They make herbariums. The subject of Morphology of flooring plants was also taught to them hand in hand.

22. Nature Study

    Once a year students are taken outside for a nature study. They can gain an idea of ​​the outside environment. The geographical location there can tell about the biodiversity. In addition to going to Nature Study with teachers and classmates, they have a good relationship as a result of their long stay.

23. Ecological excretion

       There are many wetlands in the Malda district. There are a lot of living organisms in the wetlands. Again, as a result of illegal urbanization wetland communities are on the verge of extinction. We surveyed the wetlands with the students. By doing this, they can know the wetland environment in the right way. They can know what kind of plants grow in the environment of this wetland. They also gain knowledge about why wetlands need to be conserved.

24. Science Exhibition

      Once a year in school we organize science exhibitions. In the exhibition, students submit their models and demonstrate them. We store these models in schools. A house called AAMADER BARI has been dedicated to the school to preserve the handicrafts of the students. We send the first model of the students to the block and district level in the district science exhibition. Our school has participated in the state science exhibition for five times. Students also participated and performed well in the Children Science Congress many times. Students want to explore science through science exhibitions. They became more interested in science.

25. Mobile Science Exhibition

    A Mobile Science Exhibition was organized in our school this year in collaboration with the Samagra Siksha Mission and Burdwan Science Center. The education that can be gained by visiting the Museum of Science is received by the students in the school ground through the Mobile Science Exhibition. At school, they also observed space through telescopes. Our school students have had the experience of what the night sky looks like with a telescope through a mobile science exhibition.

26. Movies on Science

  I arrange to show science films to the students from time to time. It is easy for them to get the idea of ​​science by watching all these movies. Science based movies like Galileo etc. have been shown to the students in the classroom of our school. Documentaries on science are also shown to the students.

27. Science song

      They compose songs on various subjects of science and sing them with the students. The students get a deeper understanding of the subject of science by performing those songs. In this matter, their interest can be noticed. They sing science songs with great joy. As a result, the concept of science is clearly in front of them.

28. Low cost and No cost TLM

         I have made many low cost TLMs for students. Students are very happy to see these TLMs when they go to the classroom. Through TLM the abstract things become tangible in front of them very easily.
           The TLMs I made for the students is the nutrition in the apron of the cloth. A cloth dress showed the muscles of the human body and the nervous system. I have also made TLM of the heart and lungs of the human body. I have made a more working model of the excretory system. Students have difficulty understanding the structure of DNA so that they can easily understand the structure of DNA by our model. I made a DNA watch for him.
           I also made a 3D model of the cell. Students become very interested in the subject by watching these TLMs. As their activism increases, they gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.

29. Painted dress material

       I have painted all the systems of the human body on a piece of cloth. With the help of this TLMT, what kind of muscles are there in the human body, where is the nervous system located, the position of the nutritional system, etc. are shown. The complete idea of ​​how our muscular veins and arteries are spread under the skin of our human body is created by looking at the TLMT of this garment. Seeing the happiness, wonder, and enthusiasm of the students, I also find my success.

30. Yoga

        Yoga practice calms the mind. If students cannot calm the restless mind, they become inattentive. We have made arrangements to teach yoga to school students. I teach yoga to the students on a certain day of the week. As a result, students achieve mental and physical excellence.