Innovative Teaching Ideas

1. Hands on learning

       I think this is a very good teaching method. This is because the students are most active in this method. The students are not only present as spectators while learning in this method. Because they keeping themselves very active by participating in the work. In this teaching method, I teach many lessons. I did an experiment on how easy it is to get a bacterial infection and how it happens without our knowledge. This experiment was about how important it is to wash your hands.

2. Interactive Notebook

I have made some interactive notebooks on many lessons of life science of class IX and X. By looking at them, it becomes very easy to form an idea about science. As a result, they are no longer afraid of the lesson. Sometimes they discuss a subject with each other. As a result, it becomes very easy for them. My interactive notebooks can be used very easily by students to complete their education.

3. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are very interesting to the students. The black and white pictures of the textbooks and the small texts make the students feel bored. As a result, they are not interested in the lesson. I have created scrapbooks of different classes with colorful pictures and brief descriptions of the content.

The hereditary chapter of class X, life science subject is often difficult for the students to understand. I have made a scrapbook on heredity so that they can easily understand it. With the help of this, they can easily get the idea of ​​heredity. They can read the scrapbooks alone or in a group method. Currently, this method is a very popular teaching method.

4. Science text card

This method is a very innovative teaching method for students. We write features of the particular science subjects on the card simply and clearly. In this activity, we write a statement related to the science concept. I have made index cards on many subjects. For example, I have made cards for seven grade students about medicinal plants and also about the anatomy of plants. With the help of these cards, it is much easier for the students to take lessons. Students can do activities with this card alone or in groups. We distribute the cards among the students. The formats include true or false, agree or disagree, etc.

5. Mitosis wheel

       The mitosis wheel is an innovative teaching method. It is very easy to explain mitosis to the students. I have made it with the help of the art paper. It has different stages of pictures and features written. The parts of mitosis are mentioned. By turning the wheel, students can identify the stage at which they see a picture or text of mitosis. In this way, they can identify features by looking at a picture. They can do this alone or in groups.

6. Dissection of flowering parts

        There is a need to know the different parts of the flower in life science. By reading books and looking at the pictures in the book, the students do not have the correct idea about the different parts of the flower. Flowers are collected from the tree to give them the correct idea. Then I teach the students to recognize the different parts of it separately. They do this themselves. Their active participation in this work gives them a clear idea about this. They learn to recognize the four parts of the flower in different ways. This method is very effective for students.

7. TLM on the water cycle

     In nature, students read books about how water goes from the ground to the sky and back to the ground from the sky. They cannot get the right idea by reading this book. I made a beautiful TLM give the students this idea correctly. I drew water, sun, evaporation, clouds, rain in a plastic pouch bag. I have given it in the place of the pond. Students can easily understand how the water cycle takes place from there by looking at this TLM. They have been happy.

8. Biology domain

           The biology domain is a TLM made of an art paper. The biology domain shows how the various layers of an organism extend from the biosphere to the atom. The largest space in the biosphere and the atom is the smallest molecule. With the domain, it is possible to easily explain the biology domain to the students. It is very easy to make TLM. It is very attractive to the students as it is shaped like a hat. They look at the matter with pleasure. They can feel how the levels are slowly increasing from the atom. This way they can easily understand the biology domain.

9. Gene watch

        The genetic code is a very important factor in biology. How DNA helps make proteins is determined by the genetic code. Which gene encodes which amino acid can be understood by looking at the genetic code. But the issue of genetic code is very difficult for students. I made a gin clock to make it easier for students to understand. The students can easily understand the triple codon. Rotate the clock inside the clock a triplet codon identifies an amino acid and shows it clockwise. This is a TLM that is very attractive to students and they can easily master the subject of genetic code.

10. ICT Enabled Learning

        ICT refers to the use of information and communication technology to teach scientific ideas to the students. We have an ICT laboratory at our school. To make the accessing, storing, transmitting, and manipulation of information easier this method integrates telecommunication, computer, and relevant enterprise software, storage, and audiovisual system to make the topic more meaningful and easy. I used this technology for my students since I have installed ICT laboratory in 2009.