Plastic Brick Project: Fee waiver for students of the anti-plastic squad

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          Our institution is determined to free the campus from all sorts of plastic waste. Because, plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects in the Earth’s Environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitats and human. Plastic pollution can affects land, waterways and oceans. From the 1950s up t0 2018, an estimated 6.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced worldwide of which an estimated 9% has been recycled and another 12% has been incinerated. And it is a challenge to motivate people to make plastic free world. Sovanagar High School has taken up the challenge in its own way. The school managing committee has resolved to waive fees for students seeking admission to Class XI if they join the anti-plastic programme improvised by the student’s parliament of the institution. The facility, we believe, will attract and encourage more students.  The fee waiver would mean some loss in the raising of development fund but we consider it as an investment to ensure a better environment for succeeding generations. The students have been asked to collect plastic-waste from their houses, localities and other places and deposit them to the school. The plastic bottles are being inserted with used plastic carry bags. As those bottles turn hard, we use them as an alternative to bricks to build walls of the flower garden, boundary walls and a community toilet. The students of the institution already made a green house with used plastic bottles.

Anti-plastic Hariswami Das

Sustainable drip irrigation using microcontroller 8051

      “Save Water, save Earth” is our slogan now-a-days. India is a country with 130 crores people. We have to improve the area of agriculture for the sake of our people. To improve agriculture we should have modern scientific irrigation. This was the basic concept of our model. We have made a automatic water pumping station using microcontroller 8051. When the soil is dry the pump will be on automatically & when it will wet the pump will be off. Hence there will be no wastage of water. Moreover the drip system allows water to fall directly to the root of plants. We stand 1st in the district level youth model competition and went to Kolkata Netaji Indore stadium to participate for the state level competition.  


A survey on Environmental and socio-economic importance of a wetland “Chatra Bill”

          For the last few years S.H.S has been surveying and performing various activities on CHATRA BILL, a water body, situated in the middle of the town. The students of class XI and XII made a survey on the water body a number of times and collected various information that appear significant for the balance of socio-economic condition of the district. Sovanagar High School made a model on the ways of how the water body can be saved from severe pollution. We are striving to make Chatra bill, free from pollution.

Anti-plastic Hariswami Das

A report on winning second prize in a No cost low cost TLM organized by SSA at Book Fair

          A low cost, no cost TLM competition was arranged by SSA, Malda in collaboration with UNICEF at Malda book fair,2019 on 17th January, 2019. The competition was categorized in two sections, one is for primary section and one is for secondary section. Sovanagar High School participated in the second category and awarded 2nd in the category after demonstrating a very simple low cost TLM prepared mainly for the class VIII and class IX. The topic was taken from the subject Physical Science. The TLM name was a “simple turbine” made by plastic bottle, which was an application of action-reaction force as per the third law of motion of Newton. The cost of the TLM was approx only 15 rupees.

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